From an article in "Positively Entertainment and Dining" 2008:
Teri Colton and Larry Simmons
This writer and a lovely companion stopped into The SpareRoom on the Friday before Halloween, and both immediately felt at home. This is a very comfortable, friendly place, and you feel welcomed right away. 
On the Friday before Halloween, entertainment was provided by Larry & Teri, a very good, tight duo who've played here at least one weekend a month since 1997; (They have played together more than 15 years). With Teri Colton on keyboards and vocals and Larry Simmons on guitar and vocals, they augment their instrumentation with off-board electronics and play tunes covering most of the last six decades. It was just perfect for this crowd of an extreme age spread. Seriously, couples in their early 20s were dancing happily next to couples in their 70s on a packed dance floor; it was very cool!
The diverse selection of material Larry & Teri perform is impressive, as is the overall volume, low enough to converse easily, but loud enough that the dance floor was bathed in full-range frequencies. Everyone just had to dance!
From an article in "Positively Entertainment and Dining" 2000:
If you need a dance group that can fit in a small space and play every song you know, Larry and Teri are the ones you want. 
Teri Colton modestly says that she was not performing full time until she came to the Portland area from her home town, Baker City. "I can remember I always sang," she recounts. Her performance credits start in childhood, including high school. She has background in guitar and piano, and operates the keyboard and rhythm section onstage as a lead vocalist on some tunes and backing up partner Simmons on others. Colton still keeps horses in eastern Oregon, where her parents live. She is a country girl at heart, but she is a powerhouse singer on the stage in Portland. 
Colton is a lovely doll, with a special style and a classy presentation. She doesn't joke around much (that's Simmon's job!) and when she walks onstage, people sit up and take notice. She sings and plays tunes as diverse as Rockin' Robin and Last Cheater's Waltz. Like many singers with country music experience, she really leans into the blues numbers and spices up the jazzier tunes. Her voice, while bigger than the girl herself, is soft and deep. Colton has the unusual ability to sing solo and also blend with Simmons in vocal harmony. 
Larry Simmons is a "born singer." He rivals the best Irish tenors on ballads, and on Roy Orbison tunes, he makes the late talent sound just a little rusty by comparison. Simmons can bark out tough rock'n'roll punches or slip into a sweet tune like honey in your tea. Simmons has performed with such recognizable greats as Ray Stevens, the Grand Ol' Opry and Billy Walker. (Buddy Simmons fans might recognize son Larry.) 
Simmons loves animals, especially his dogs, and is described as a "super guy." After his last round of touring, Simmons came back to Portland and snapped up Colton for the duo. He was then working two jobs, which got to be too much; he had to quit one or the other, so it was "the other." Simmons and Colton have performed together for at least five years, and it looks like they could go on forever. 
Simmons is a first-rate guitar player. He also plays mandolin and banjo. Simmons plays all the "right" stuff on his guitar, performing hot lead licks as well as creamy chord accompaniment. 
The dance-music duo Larry and Teri offer the most delightful variety of tunes, all first-class. Those who love to dance, or would like to learn, will find the duo just exactly right for dancing. Anyone who just wants to sit and enjoy listening will fit right in. 
When Larry and Teri perform at the Spare Room, you will be amazed at how fast time flies when you are dancing and having fun. This is a case where one-plus-one is more than two.

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